Your Support is Making a Difference for the Future of New Orleans

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In recent weeks, the Four Seasons Development Team has been holding community outreach events to keep the people of New Orleans informed about the status of the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences project.

  • Thank you for your generous support, it is making a difference
  • Every day, we are moving closer to bringing 1,600 much needed construction jobs to the City of New Orleans

Business Leaders Show Up In Big Numbers

On April 26, Sandra Herman hosted our most recent outreach event, which was attended by more than a hundred business leaders from all over New Orleans and Louisiana who were eager to learn more about The Four Seasons New Orleans project.

  • Ricardo Suarez, Senior Vice President, Development, Americas at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, spoke about the Four Seasons culture and what a hotel of this quality will mean to area tourism
  • William Hoffman, President of Woodward Interests, discussed the economic benefits of the project—over $15 million a year in tax revenue to the City and the State
  • Henry Coaxum, President of Coaxum Enterprises and Equity Investor, spoke about our transformative DBE program. As you may have heard, the Four Seasons Development Team is committed to:
    • Minimum 35% DBE participation
    • 2,000 good paying construction and permanent jobs
    • Training and opportunities to grow
    • Financing and mentoring that will have a lasting impact for our community
  • And Russ Herman was on hand to talk about last week’s resounding victories in two state courts, and the near unanimous support of reform legislation in the Louisiana State Senate. (See “Recent News” below for an update.)

At the end of the presentation, business leaders gave their support to the project and agreed it’s time to get this project going for the people of this great city.

Recent News

Fourth Circuit Ruling 3-0-Strong Rebuke to Neil Fisher

In the most decisive legal ruling to date, on Wednesday, April 20, Judges Belsome, Bonin and Lombard of the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals:

  • Issued a strong rebuke to Fisher and his case
  • Dismantled their legal arguments and affirmed Judge Chase’s June 2015 ruling that the New Orleans Building Corporation’s award of the former World Trade Center building to developers Carpenter – Woodward was proper
  • Soundly rejected each and every claim by Fisher’s shell company, TCSI, that the award to Carpenter-Woodward/Four Seasons was improper
  • Made clear the Courts’ determination that TCSI’s legal claims are frivolous
  • The Fourth Circuit’s unanimous ruling is only the latest in a series of opinions that have confirmed the validity of NOBC’s selection process and its decision to award the World Trade Center project to Carpenter – Woodward

Bill 447 Sails Through Senate

Of great significance to the people of Orleans Parish, is the legislative success of Senate Bill 447 by Senator Conrad Appel. Here’s a recap:

  • Bill 447 sailed through a State Senate Committee late last week and was approved by a vote of 36-1 on the Senate floor on Wednesday, April 20
  • The bill, introduced by Mayor Landrieu and the City of New Orleans, seeks to prevent frivolous lawsuits like Fisher’s from holding up important economic develop projects tied to public benefit corporations such as the New Orleans Building Corporation without the posting of s sizable bond which would be forfeited if the plaintiff fails to prove his or her case in court
  • Mayor Landrieu and supporters of the Four Seasons project note that the project would likely be farther along, with huge economic benefits for the City, State and local workforce, if such legislation was already in place
  • Supporters also note that passage of the legislation will have positive ramifications for other public benefits developments being considered in New Orleans including the redevelopment and expansion of the Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Convention Center, redevelopment of the former Charity Hospital and work at New Orleans Federal City in Algiers

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In the weeks to come, the Four Seasons New Orleans Team will be holding more community outreach events where you can learn more about the project and show your support and please share.