Update on Four Seasons New Orleans Court Case

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Today, the state Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on an issue that will send our case back to the trial judge. The ruling was on an issue that dealt with a procedural, technical issue, which has no bearing on the merits of the overall case.

We are pleased the appeal court has directed the district court to rule on our pending Motion for No Right of Action and that the Court of Appeal supported Carpenter – Woodward’s right to intervene in this case. The pending Motion for No Right of Action is another avenue by which Neil Fisher and TCSI’s frivolous litigation might be dismissed. Having a decision on the No Right of Action will be a positive step and we look forward to having this issue decided expeditiously.

We are also pleased that after months of Neil Fisher’s calculated tactics to avoid deposition, we will finally have an opportunity to depose him under oath and hold him legally accountable.

We have great confidence in our case and that we will soon prevail and start construction, and bring new economic opportunity to the people and city of New Orleans.

Thank you for your continued support.