One Step Closer to Four Seasons New Orleans

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Governor John Bel Edwards Signs SB447 Into Law

Paves the way to end frivolous lawsuits

In a ceremony at the State Capital on Thursday, Governor John Bel Edwards signed SB447 into law. Enactment of this legislation is a major step forward for the Four Seasons project and a credit to the Mayor, Governor and legislature and their determination to end frivolous litigation filed to do nothing more than stall important economic development projects such as Four Seasons New Orleans.

For Carpenter-Woodward and the Four Seasons team, this law means expediting litigation, perhaps into August instead of late October. New Orleans will not benefit sooner than later by all Four Seasons has to offer:

  • $15 million of Annual Tax Revenue to the City and State
  • 1,600 Construction Jobs
  • 450 Permanent Jobs
  • Minimum 35% Commitment to Disadvantage Business Enterprises
  • The City and State Lose over $1.2 Million for Every Month of Delay