Major Progress in House; SB 447 Passes 92-0

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Louisiana House Votes to Remove Legal Obstacles and Costly Barriers to New Orleans Developments

Senate Bill 447 Passes House 92-0

By a vote of 92-0, the Louisiana House of Representatives has voted to remove legal barriers to progress on projects like the Four Seasons New Orleans development, and other potential projects of economic significance to the city and state. This legislation was strongly backed by the City of New Orleans and the Four Seasons New Orleans Development Team. The bill is now headed to the full Senate for concurrence. SB447 originally passed the Senate 36-1 and is expected to go into full effect upon Gov. John Bel Edwards’ signature.

Judge Chase Hears Motion to Dismiss Frivolous Lawsuit

This week, Judge Tiffany Chase heard arguments to dismiss the frivolous lawsuit that has stalled the Four Seasons New Orleans development for no right of action.

A lis pendens filed on the World Trade Center — a formal notice in land records of a pending lawsuit over real estate — has kept the Four Seasons New Orleans Development Team from getting title insurance and moving forward with the project.

As covered by the New Orleans Advocate and the Times-Picayune.