Four Seasons New Orleans Project Generates Unprecedented Local Support

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Stuart “Neil” Fisher a No-Show Despite Judge’s Order to Appear

Ignoring Judge Tiffany Chase’s order to appear in New Orleans for a deposition, Florida resident, Neil Fisher, continues to demonstrate a pattern to stall and obstruct the progress of the Four Seasons New Orleans project, and the economic benefits it will bring to the City. As you may recall, Fisher was ordered to appear in New Orleans after repeated attempts to meet with him were unsuccessful.

Momentum Continues to Build in Support of Project

More than 230 community, business and governmental leaders have signed on to publicly endorse the expeditious development of the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences New Orleans. Thank you for your public support — it is making a difference. We will continue to feature your support in full-page print ads in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. In case you missed it this week, please see ad below.

Motion to Dismiss TCSI Lawsuit Scheduled for June 1

On June 1, Judge Tiffany Chase will hear a motion by the Carpenter-Woodward team to dismiss Two Canal Street Investors lawsuit for No Right of Action.

Here are the facts:

  • TCSI is a sham corporation with no assets, no property, no bank accounts, and no function other than to stall the Four Seasons New Orleans Project
  • Neil Fisher had no ownership interest in TCSI and for $10 he has been granted access to the courts to halt the rightful owners of the lease from doing the work that they were awarded.
  • Neil Fisher has no real and actual interest to assert this case
  • The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmatively stated that the “NOBC did not violate Public Lease Law by awarding the lease to Carpenter-Woodward”

Neil Fisher Continues a Diatribe of Misleading Allegations

In an attempt to mislead the community, Neil Fisher continues to distribute unfounded allegations and falsehoods regarding the economic benefits of the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences New Orleans project. There is no denying that this project will provide the following benefits:

  • $15 million of annual tax revenue to the City and State
  • 1,600 Construction Jobs
  • 450 Permanent Jobs
  • A minimum of 35% DBE participation

The City and State lose over $1.2 million for every month of delay.