Final Passage of SB 447 Removes Frivolous Legal Obstacles

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By a unanimous vote, 37-0, on Senate Bill 447 the Louisiana State Senate has concurred with the House of Representatives in removing legal barriers to progress on the Four Seasons New Orleans development and other future projects of economic significance to the city and state. Following minor amendments in the House Civil Law Committee, the bill passed the House with a unanimous vote, 92-0, on Friday. Concurrence sends Senate Bill 447 to the desk of Governor John Bel Edwards for final signature and enactment as a state law.

“Yesterday’s vote is a major victory for Four Seasons New Orleans and a significant step toward that future economic development projects won’t be delayed by frivolous, self-serving litigation,” said Greg Beuerman spokesperson for the Four Seasons Development team, winners of the competitive process to redevelopment the former World Trade Center building in New Orleans.

“In committee and floor votes in both the House and the Senate, state legislators overwhelmingly understood the imperative of removing meaningless but time consuming and costly barriers to this project and others that will produce badly needed jobs and tax revenues. We are grateful to State Senator Conrad Appel and State Representative Raymond Garofalo for their leadership in sponsoring this legislation and to their colleagues for their wisdom in overwhelmingly approving this bill.”

“We are also deeply appreciative of Mayor Landrieu for advancing this important public policy and his commitment to making this transformative economic development project a reality,” Beuerman said.

In its final form SB 447 puts strict limitations on the time plaintiffs have to file litigation that may hold up the development of projects undertaken by a public benefit corporation and puts requirements in place that would expedite legal action and the appeals process in cases where litigation is filed.